Our Mission:

MSPCC is a private, non-profit society dedicated to leadership in protecting and promoting the rights and well-being of children and families.

A Legacy of Strengthening Families
Incorporated in 1878, MSPCC serves children and families across Massachusetts with a range of services designed to respond to the individual needs of infants, children, adolescents and their families. We operate by these core principles: Children deserve to be safe and happy and children grow up best in families. 

MSPCC is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Programs and Services
MSPCC's comprehensive array of programs and services includes child abuse and intervention programs, mental health treatment, and adoption services. Services are provided both in the home and through community-based locations across the state of Massachusetts. Whenever possible, MSPCC assists families at home, in the context of their own family dynamics.


Who We Serve
The children and families that MSPCC serves vary greatly by circumstance, situation and reason for seeking or receiving services. They come from biological, adoptive, kinship, and foster families. Some have been referred by public or community agencies, others by family or friends, or in many cases they have found us on their own. 

We Are Making a Difference
In Massachusetts alone, a child is reported for abuse or neglect every eight minutes. With "Prevention" as the Society's middle name and the focus of its services, MSPCC strives each day to make a difference in that statistic and more. Last year, MSPCC touched the lives of more than 22,000 children and families through a variety of programs and services:

  • Mental Health and Child Abuse/Neglect Intervention
  • Family Support and Child Abuse/Neglect Prevention
  • Day Care and After School Programs
  • Adoption Services
  • Foster Parent Training and Support

Cultural Diversity in MSPCC Staff and the Families We Serve
Our agency employs a culturally-diverse staff of 460 dedicated individuals working in communities across Massachusetts. For example, nearly 53 percent of MSPCC's direct services staff in our Healthy Families home visiting programs are Hispanic. The children and families we serve also make up a diverse group, with Hispanic families representing 40 percent of the total. Both in the home and in community-based centers, MSPCC addresses the needs and concerns of multicultural and linguistic minority families. And, our research shows that 99 percent of the families we serve say MSPCC workers understand their culture.

The Future
MSPCC is the premier children's service, advocacy organization, and industry resource in Massachusetts and beyond. Through a focused commitment to our mission of strengthening families and preventing child abuse, the agency makes every effort to ensure that children are not only safe and healthy, but have the opportunity to thrive.

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