Parent Education & Support

Every family is its own system - a set of relationships and responsibilities, a mix of personalities and histories. Children benefit when families learn to work as a team to support each other. Learning to balance structure and discipline with loving patience is a challenge for stressed and sometimes impoverished parents. As such, MSPCC supports biological, as well as adoptive and foster, parents in the challenging, joyous work of raising children. MSPCC teaches and models good parenting skills and helps adults gain the tools they need to manage their own emotional well-being.

In addition to services offered in our six regional offices, we also provide services in families' homes, in schools and other community settings, where families are most comfortable. An overview of our services is below. Or click here to find all services available in your area.

GoodStart [Cape Cod, Metro Boston]

GoodStart is a nationally recognized MSPCC program which helps parents become self-sufficient and raise children who are safe, healthy, and ready to learn.
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Healthy Families [Central, Northeastern and Western MA]

MSPCC offers first-time parents under 21 the information and individual support they need to raise healthy, happy and safe kids.
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MSPCC/Parent Professional Advocacy League [Northeastern MA]

MSPCC works with the PPAL program, an organization of more than 4,000 Massachusetts families and professionals who advocate on behalf of children with emotional, behavioral and mental health needs and their families.
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Parenting Education Programs [Cape Cod]

For parents of children up to 13 years of age, MSPCC provides parenting education programs on a variety of topics.
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Connecting Parents [Metro West, South Shore]

Our program offers a place for parents to find the support, education, and resources necessary to empower them to manage the challenges of raising children who are coping with mental health concerns.
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Set a Good Example (SAGE) [Cape Cod]

For parents filing for divorce with minor children, MSPCC's SAGE is an approved program designed to help parents develop an awareness of their children's emotional needs and understand the profound impact of divorce on child behavior and development.
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Teen Parenting Program [Western MA]

In addition to Healthy Families, MSPCC offers enhanced services to teens who live in Holyoke with a focus on educational achievements for parents, as well as healthy development for babies and toddlers.
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Young Parents Support Program (YPS) [Central MA, Metro Boston]

YPS offers intensive prevention services for teen parents up to age 24, including home visiting, risk assessment, case management, parent aide services, mentoring, parent education, and parent/child playgroups.
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