Since its inception, MSPCC has focused on the advancement of child well-being. In addition to direct services, MSPCC has been instrumental in putting dozens of laws on the books regarding everything from abandonment to custody to support. Through MSPCC's efforts, adoption processes have been streamlined and foster care better regulated. Government programs have been instituted that strive to ensure children's well-being with regard to housing, nutrition, health care, and education. And perhaps most important, a new awareness of issues such as abuse and neglect has taken hold at all levels of society. 

We've also adapted to the changing times and never shied away from taking controversial positions. From our 1903 decision to shift the focus of child protection from rescue to prevention, to stepping forward as the first secular organization to call for the Archbishop's resignation in response to the sex-abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, MSPCC has been there for what we believe. It is this sense of the possible that has made MSPCC such a dynamic and effective organization during the past 135 years.

For a closer look at the history of MSPCC, click the following link for a timeline of MSPCC and Child Welfare Milestones from 1878 - present. 

On April 23, 1878 the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was incorporated "...for the purpose of awakening interest in the abuses to which children are exposed by...parents and guardians, and to help the enforcement of existing ws on the subject, procure needed legislation and for kindred work..."



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