Public Policy and Awareness

With our proven track record and demonstrated willingness to take a firm stand on controversial issues when necessary, MSPCC has earned a reputation for setting national standards in public advocacy on behalf of children and families.

In addition to providing direct services, MSPCC engages in public policy advocacy on behalf of children and families. We focus our advocacy on issues related to child and family well-being such as child abuse prevention, foster care, welfare reform, and homelessness prevention. We have a long history and proven track record of successful advocacy and a reputation for taking firm stands on controversial issues when necessary.

MSPCC contributes to the discourse of public policy in a number of ways:

  • Lobbying our state government for passage of bills that promote the well-being of children and their families and adequately fund effective prevention and early intervention programs.
  • Recruitment and support for MSPCC's Champion's Advocacy Network (CAN), a state-wide volunteer advocacy group committed to improving the lives of children and their families through the legislative process.
  • Providing our volunteers and others a number of opportunities to participate in public policy events at the State House and across Massachusetts.
  • Taking the lead in dialogue aimed at shaping laws and policies to improve the lives of children and families in Massachusetts and across the country.
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