Ghost Networks

MSPCC is working to increase transparency about provider networks.

An Act to Increase Consumer Transparency about Provider Networks

Families and individuals seeking care in Massachusetts are often unable to find accurate and reliable information about the provider network available through their insurance carrier. Insurers do not regularly update provider directories, so patients or their families who are seeking care cannot find a provider when they need one.

  • Provider directories appear to have large number of in-network providers, but frequently many of those providers have moved, closed their practice, or no longer accept that plan. Patients/families are unable to find a provider who is actively in network and accepting insurance.

  • Directories include inaccurate information about the languages providers speak, the services they deliver, and even whether or not the provider is accepting new patients or still enrolled in the network.

This bill requires insurance carriers to ensure the accuracy of the information on their provider directories thus make it easier for patients and their families to find the care that they need.


Learn more about HD2698/SD744: An Act to Increase Consumer Transparency about Provider Networks from the Children’s Mental Health Campaign.

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