Funding for Mental Health Consultations

MSPCC is fighting to improve funding for children's mental health.

Increased funding of mental health consultations in child care programs would support an evidenced approach for addressing the needs of children early on in their educational experience. The program has shown great efficacy in keeping children with behavioral health needs in day care programs, preventing expulsion from child care and readying them for kindergarten.

The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Service Program, serving children from birth to age five, provides social and emotional development supports and guidance for early education programs serving young children. The Consultants provide early education and care professionals and families with supports, strategies, and services that address the behavioral and emotional challenges that children and their families face.

Program results:

  • 96% of children served by the program successfully remained in day care or progressed to kindergarten.

  • One study showed that for each dollar spent on mental health consultations there is a savings of $1.67 to $2.23 in special education costs.

We hope to level funding for the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Service Program to continue to bring needed services to children in early childhood settings.

Learn more from the Children’s Mental Health Campaign here.

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