Give to the Brighter Future Fund

Support MSPCC all year round!

Since 1878, MSPCC has been protecting and promoting the rights and well being of children in Massachusetts through the help of our supporters. By giving monthly, you give to the Brighter Future Fund and ensure that our work can continue for centuries to come!

One year of monthly giving can support…

$5 per month ($60 per year): An outing with a therapeutic mentor.
$10 per month ($120 per year): One hour of service for young parents to teach them about the baby’s healthy development.
$25 per month ($300 per year): A week of summer camp for a foster child.
$50 per month ($600 per year): Cutting-edge specialized trauma-focused training for one staff person to better assist the children we serve.
$100 per month ($1,200 per year): One-on-one counseling, mentoring, family therapy, parent coaching, and psychiatry.

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