MSPCC Young Professional Board

MSPCC Young Professional Board

MSPCC’s Young Professional Board is an association of individuals in the beginning stages of their careers with a strong dedication to the work of MSPCC. These young professionals bring an array of expertise to the group including business, government, philanthropy, the nonprofit sector, community leadership, or activism. The group seeks to fundraise, friendraise, volunteer, and enhance the mission of MSPCC in the community. 



Leadership Team











































Kimberley Asare, MSPCC

Vinita Bhaskar, Dell Technologies

Emma Campbell-Mohn, PwC Strategy& 

Michael Caulfield, Bain Capital

Jack Coffman, PwC

Reid D’Ascanio, PwC

Emily DiCarlo, Second Harvest Food Bank 

Ellie Gaffney, PwC

Lia Golick, Bain Capital

Viviana Hernandez, PwC

Ashley Hopkins, Highland Electric Fleets

Lydia Jones, The Children’s Study Home

Lindsay Kelley, Alkermes

Darya Mastsianitsa, Bain Capital

Hannah Mattos, Boston Celtics

Angie Mayorga, Cardinal Health

Michelle McDonnell, PwC

Ashlyn Melvin, Cambridge Savings Bank

Natalia Miller, Boston University

Yara Pollmann, McLean Hospital

Julian Quinones, Moderna

Isabel Rivera, Givinga

Megan Robbins, Northborough/Southborough Public School System

Alexandra Shea, Prince Lobel Tye LLP

Julie Welch, MSPCC

Taylor Westermann, Bain Capital



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