Kid’s Net

MSPCC’s Kid’s Net Program provides a range of services to connect foster, pre-adoptive, and kinship families to the information, resources, respite and support networks they need to address the unique challenges that come with raising foster children. Services are available to foster families throughout Massachusetts.


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After-Hours Helpline: (800) 486-3730

MSPCC offers an after-hours telephone helpline that provides emergency assistance to foster, kinship and pre-adoptive families when DCF offices are closed. The helpline is staffed by social workers experienced in foster care issues. They can provide telephone support to help resolve non-emergency situations. The helpline is open 5 P.M. to 9 A.M., Monday-Friday and 24 hours on weekends and holidays: (800) 486-3730.


Kid’s Net provides training throughout the state with topics specific to the issues facing foster, adoptive and kinship families. View the Kid’s Net Training Calendar:



Family Resource Liaisons

Family Resources Liaisons (FRLs) are experienced foster, adoptive or kinship parents who offer information, support and mentoring to other parents. Find the Family Resources Liaison Directory here.


Everyone needs a break from parenting once in a while, and respite is an important way to ensure that parents are able to take care of themselves, so they can continue to care for their children. Respite is a planned time-out or vacation for DCF foster and pre-adoptive parents. Families can receive up to ten days of paid respite each year.

Short-Term Child Care

Planned, short-term, day and evening care provided in licensed childcare homes is available to allow foster, pre-adoptive and kinship families to attend to foster care-related or personal business; provide a break from parenting; and to meet other needs that impact the overall stability of the family.


Available in Metro Boston

As part of the Kid’s Net program, KINnections focuses on providing support and respite to grandparents raising their grandchildren. The program provides support groups, informational resources, and camp scholarships.

KINnections Featured in Boston Seniority Magazine.

Contact a Kid’s Net Director for More Information

Deanna Forist
Phone: (617) 983-5850

Carol Casey
Phone: (978) 681-9515

Western & Central
Ashley Pepoli
Phone: 413-530-1727 or 

Kim Kelley
Phone: (857) 293-3392

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