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Foster Parent Brunch

MSPCC, Kid’s Net, MAFF, and DCF celebrated foster parents at the 37th Annual Foster and Adoptive Parent Recognition Awards Brunch recently.  “We do not do this job alone as a department,” said DCF Commissioner Linda S. Spears during brunch. “Our …


MSPCC Leadership Update

MSPCC is excited to announce the appointment of Nancy Allen-Scannell as our new Executive Director. Nancy joined MSPCC in 2006 and most recently served as the Director of External Affairs. She has spent almost two decades developing and strategically implementing …


Thank you for being a Turning Point

Thank you for being a Turning Point My last week at MSPCC coincided with our annual Turning Points dinner. For 10 years, the evening has been my chance to showcase MSPCC’s good work.  This year was no exception.  Chaisek Flores, …


Investing in Our Future

Investing in Our Future The first few years of a child’s life can dramatically shape their future for years to come. When a child is raised with emotionally healthy caregiving, they develop the ability to trust in the people and …


April CMHC

    CMHC April Newsletter Read the latest news in children’s mental health advocacy!


Inside the Lives of Foster Parents

“I Miss My Other Daddy” Deb and Bill Sweet are foster, adoptive, and biological parents. Deb recently posted a story on her blog, Because I Stay, giving an insight into her life and what it is like to be a …

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