Back to School

August means back to school time!

For the children of Massachusetts, being a student is their job. At MSPCC, we want to give them the tools they need to excel through our in-school programs, advocacy work, and the back-to-school supplies list.

MSPCC programs aim to ensure children are school ready.

The Family Resource Center’s school liaison works with parents and families on issues including: truancy, absenteeism, special education, and behavioral issues so they can get the most out of their school experience. Through Mental Health Consultation services, we help build the capacity of teachers and staff to work with children with behavioral health issues to prevent expulsion in preschools. The NAN Project employs a team of young people who have dealt with depression and/or suicidality and are willing to share their stories with groups of students/young people in your community.

Working with each student and family isn’t enough though.

The MSPCC advocacy team, in partnership with the Children’s Mental Health Campaign, is working to implement initiatives to prevent bullying, lower the dropout rate, reduce truancy, and create a learning environment that is sensitive to students who have behavioral health conditions or have experienced trauma.

We can do more.

Despite all these efforts, we believe we can do more. Every child receives a back-to-school supplies list, but not every family can afford things like new backpacks, lunch boxes, and notebooks. They need you. Shop MSPCC’s client wish list on Amazon and you can ensure that children across the Commonwealth start the school year off right!

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