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NOTE: If you are unsure if families have time available for these services, please contact us (in advance) via the email addresses presented at the bottom of the page. 
Effective July 1, 2023: Requests will need to be submitted within the specified quarter in which the service occurs. We no longer have the capacity to process requests from prior quarters. This includes all MAPP co-trainer reimbursement requests. There will be a one month grace period for extenuating circumstances following the end of each quarter – with the exception of the end of the fiscal year. We also close-out payment for all requests annually on June 30. 
FYQ1 July-September – Due no later than October 31st
FYQ2 October-December – Due no later than January 31st
FYQ3 January-March – Due no later than April 30th
FYQ4 April-June – Due no later than June 30th *end of Fiscal Year*
For example, a babysitting/respite request for services rendered in July must be processed within the first quarter. If the request is submitted in November we do not have the ability to pay for those services.


Respite is the term used for overnight care.

  1. Each family (not each specific child) has 10 total nights of respite available per year.
  2. Each year begins July 1st and ends June 30th of the following year.
  3. Requests can be submitted well in advance of the service date. A request for respite should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the service date.
  4. Respite providers are paid the same daily rate as the current foster care rate, based on age of the child (foster family continues to receive the daily rate).
  5. Service referrals remain open with the foster family and the foster family continues to receive the daily rate of support while respite takes place.



Babysitting and childcare are the terms used for care provided during the day and does not include an overnight.

  1. Currently, each family has 10 total hours per month of babysitting.  It is not 10 hours per month, per child.
  2. Each year begins July 1st and ends June 30th of the following year.
  3. Babysitting is paid as $10/hr. for one child, $11/hr. for two children and $12/hr. for three or more children.

*Please note that any babysitting service provider will be taxed on funds received and will receive a Form-1099 at the end of the year (for any payments exceeding $600/year).


Child Care*:

  1. Currently, each family has 10 total hours per month of child care. It is not 10 hours per month, per child.
  2. Each year begins July 1st and ends June 30th of the following year.

+Childcare may not be available in all regions.



 Finding a Babysitting Provider:

  1. The foster parent may use their own babysitting provider as long as DCF has completed a BRC/CORI on them and has approved the person as a caregiver.
  2. Care must be done in the foster parent’s home unless DCF has approved the home of the provider.
  3. If the foster parent is not using their own provider DCF should make every effort to help locate a provider for the family.
  4. The date of the last BRC/CORI of the provider will need to be submitted on the form.


Finding a Licensed Childcare Provider:

  1. Contact Kid’s Net staff to ask if licensed childcare providers are available in the area. If available, the request must be submitted a minimum of 2 business days prior to the date of service.


Submitting the Request (Babysitting or Childcare):

  1. Requests must come from the Family Resource Worker submitting the correct form, fully completedIncomplete forms will be sent back for completion, and this will delay payment processing.
  2. Please do not just send an email containing the information. You must attach the completed form to the email.
  3. Email completed forms to: 

Boston Regions bostonkidsnet@mspcc.org

Central Regions kidsnetcentral@mspcc.org

Southern Region dnunes@mspcc.org

Northern Region kguevara@mspcc.org and cc:kroy@mspcc.org

Western Region  jeanettep@mspcc.org and cc:afigueroa@mspcc.org


Processing the Payment:

  1. The provider will need a W-9 on file with MSPCC Kid’s Net. This can be collected and delivered with the request form by DCF. A link is provided to the form above. A provider only needs to submit their W-9 once with MSPCC unless their payment information changes.
  2. If one is not provided with the request, MSPCC Kid’s Net will send one out to the provider to be completed. Payment cannot be processed without a W-9 form on file at MSPCC Kid’s Net.
  3. Once the service has occurred, Kid’s Net will call the provider to confirm the respite/babysitting has taken place.
  4. Please let foster parents know that the provider will need to verbally confirm the care with MSPCC Kid’s Net (as we will no longer be sending out paperwork to sign).
  5. A check will be issued to the provider within 30 days of approved paperwork being submitted. Payments can be expedited with a direct deposit form (see link above) on file and processed.
  6. If the provider has not received payment after 30 days, the social worker or provider should contact MSPCC Kid’s Net using the regional contact email above.

For any questions, please contact:

Boston and Central Region

Program Assistant, Chip LaRiviere at 781.698.1743

Southern Region

Program Assistant, Dorothy Nunes at 508.493.8460

Northern Region

Program Assistant, Kimberly Guevara at 781.357.7825

Western Region

Regional Director, Amneris Figueroa at 413.530.1727

Program Assistant, Jeanette Perez at 787.698.7009


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