Encompass In Action

Encompass In Action

Encompass: Community and Collaboration for Foster Families is a new, innovative foster parent support model in Central Massachusetts led by MSPCC and a diverse leadership team of professionals and child welfare organizations. Check out the posts below to meet our team and take a deeper dive into our program and come back soon to learn more! 



Partnership Spotlight: Junior League of Worcester

“Encompass seeks to build a community of support around foster families in Central Massachusetts. One of the ways we engage communities in support of foster families is through partnering with local organizations and companies eager to make a difference…” [READ]


Foster Parent Spotlight: Kristen B. 

“Kristen B. is a mother of two biological children, ages seven and five, and Jay*, a twelve year old child in foster care she is in the process of adopting. Kristen, her husband, and the three children live at her parents’ house, and she speaks fondly of the community they have created…” [READ]


Volunteer Spotlight: Gay Toomy and Billye Auclair

“Gay Toomy and Billye Auclair are two volunteers with MSPCC’s Encompass: Community and Collaboration for Foster Parents, a pilot program for foster families in Central Massachusetts. Gay and Billye work together supporting one family, providing a range of services like meal delivery and regular tutoring for ‘three little busy boys’…” [READ]


Trauma Coach Spotlight: Jill Cummings

“Jill Cummings is a trauma coach with MSPCC’s Encompass: Community and Collaboration for Foster Parents, a pilot program for foster families in the Greater Worcester Area. As a trauma coach, Jill meets with foster parents in Worcester weekly to understand how trauma affects their children and to make sense of their children’s behaviors and feelings…” [READ]


Encompass in the News
“Encompass” Program to Support Foster Parents Launches in Worcester | Central Mass Town Square
“Sarah Ahola was given little notice when the two pre-teen sisters she agreed to foster arrived at her home one Friday afternoon. She also didn’t have size-appropriate beds to accommodate the girls…” [READ]

Daily Breaking | WCCA TV 194

Mary McGeown, MSPCC Executive Director, discusses an interesting, vital new program in the Greater Worcester area to support foster parents – caregivers who are critical to our child welfare system, and yet often misunderstood.  [WATCH]

Encompass program offers support system for Worcester area foster parents | Worcester Magazine

“For Sarah Ahola, it was a Friday when she got the call that two girls would be arriving at her place at 5 p.m. Though this was her second foster placement…” [READ]



Encompass Training Resources

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