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At MSPCC, we believe communities share a responsibility for the safety and well-being of these children as well as a commitment to stand with those individuals who care for them. That’s why we’re the lead agency on this innovative new program to engage and mobilize community volunteers to support foster parents in Central Massachusetts by giving of their time and donating tangible goods.


In a recent survey conducted by MSPCC, 50% of foster parents say they only receive support from family, friends and neighbors during emergencies, with 17% saying they never receive regular support. Encompass Community Support Volunteers are here to change that.


Want to get involved? Click the link below to apply to be a Community Support Volunteer for foster families in Central MA.

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How to Get Involved

The services offered through ENCOMPASS ensure foster families in Central MA are supported while following COVID-19 safety guidelines.


What can I do?

Community Support Volunteers can offer the following to families in Central MA:

  1. Virtual enrichment activities with foster, adopted, and biological children in their home (helping with homework, teaching a skill, playing a game, engaging in an activity together, or even simply checking in to name a few.)
  2. Meal Prep and Delivery
  3. Care Boxes 

For a more in depth look at our volunteer activities, click here

To become a Community Support Volunteer, click here.


About Encompass

Foster parents are critical to Massachusetts’ child welfare system and we need to find new and dedicated ways to support them.

With the help of The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, MSPCC brought together a diverse group of professionals and child welfare organizations to develop a foster parent support model.  Encompass builds upon the strengths of a community and equips foster parents with knowledge, skills, and resources to support the needs of the children in their care.

Encompass provides Central MA foster, kinship, and pre-adoptive caregivers with trauma coaching, a peer support program, and the ability to connect with supportive community volunteers.

You can learn more about Encompass by clicking here.

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