Children’s Mental Health Ombudsman

MSPCC is working to help establish a Children’s Mental Health Ombudsman

An Act to Protect Children’s Mental Health Services

Despite significant improvements in the availability of mental health services- especially for children who are covered by MassHealth- it is still hard for many children and their families to get mental health care they need.

Some of the difficulties they face include:

  • Finding the right point of entry to receive a service

  • Finding a clinician who speaks their language and understands their culture and who also will take their insurance

  • Long waits for outpatient and in-home services and lengthy stay in emergency departments or boarding on medical units as clinicians try to find inpatient placements

  • Difficulty finding the appropriate authority to address a concern or resolve a conflict

The establishment of the position of ombudsman within the Office of Child Advocate is a key to ensuring that CBHI consumers continue to have a place to bring their concerns and that this assistance is available to the families of all children who will need it. The ombudsman will be “hands on,” assisting families to resolve problems with getting their children the mental health care they need.

Learn more about HD3632/SD1005: An Act to Protect Children’s Mental Health Services from the Children’s Mental Health Campaign.

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