Online Foster Care Training Videos

Reaching the Seemingly Unreachable: Freeing Children from Worry



Respite Care

Marriage & Foster Care

Case Workers and Foster Parents Working Together

Burnout and Stress

Birth Children and Adoptive Foster Children Living Under The Same Roof

Aging Out of Foster Care

Sleep and Trauma

Vaping with Mary Cole from Tobacco Free Community Partnerships

“Understanding Your Own Bias” Talaya Clanton

“Grief & Loss for Foster Parents” Kim Kelley
“Safe and Sound” Dr. Heather Forkey
In this webinar, Dr. Forkey shares the best information from pediatric experts about coronavirus safety and treatment, and discusses how to work with your pediatric provider to keep kids healthy now and well beyond the pandemic.  
“Caring for the Caregiver”
Tips on regulating emotions for yourself and your foster child. 
“The Connected Caregiver”
Tips for handling challenging behaviors in challenging times. 
“Virtual Visits” Kim Kelley
Please join Kim Kelley, the Kid’s Net Southeast Regional Director, for this informative webinar on navigating virtual visits.  Kim touches on everything from the potential benefits of virtual visits to how to navigate different situations and circumstances.
“Window of Tolerance” Katie Everson
This 2-part workshop, led by Katie Everson, will help you better understand your child’s behaviors and start to tune into what they are trying to tell us. 


“Healing Trauma Through Occupational Therapy” Katie Everson
This 2-part workshop, led by Katie Everson, will help you better understand your child’s behaviors and start to tune into what they are trying to tell us. 
“IEP’s and Supporting Kids’ Mental Health During COVID-19” Melinda Macht-Greenberg, PhD

Melinda Macht-Greenberg, PhD, is a Harvard-trained child psychologist and faculty member at Tufts University who provides expert advice to parents about children and their education. Dr. Macht-Greenberg also works with families on improving educational outcomes for their children in both private and public schools to maximize a child’s success.


“Substance Use, Misuse, & Dependence: What it is and how it can affect children and families?” Enid Watson, MDiv, Institute for Health & Recovery  — Presenter 

This session, in front of a live audience of Family Resource Liaisons, addresses the various aspects of substance use, the impact on children and families, and the possible outcomes for treatment. Additionally, Enid Watson of the Institute for Health & Recovery focuses in on substance use trends within the Massachusetts child welfare system.


“Drug Uses, Types and Associated Issues & Outcomes” Enid Watson, MDiv, Institute for Health & Recovery — Presenter 

In this webinar session, Enid Watson discusses the various types of mainstream substances used, their categories, and the most prevalent issues associated with each. Enid includes discussion about the possible outcomes for users and exposed youth and covers outcomes/issues from early childhood-adolescence into adulthood.


“Parent Support for Family Resource Liaisons” Omer Mendelson, LICSW, Institute for Health & Recovery — Presenter

In this session, Omer Mendelson of the Institute for Health & Recovery presents an overview of DCF practice and protocol for interacting with biological parents around substance use and reviews policy and practice standards used by DCF staff with foster/pre-adoptive parents. Additionally, Omer discusses the language to be used with youth and parents and resources available to Family Resource Liaisons and foster/pre-adoptive parents.


“ABA and IEP: Navigating school-based and outside supports in place for your child” Teresa Foley 

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