Staff Spotlight-Jordan

Meet Jordan, a Therapeutic Mentor, in our Jamaica Plain site.  

As a Therapeutic Mentor Jordan works with children and teens who have experienced trauma or are struggling to function in their daily settings of school and home.  She provides coaching and skill-building for children to better navigate various social situations and promotes independent living skills, self-care and job readiness skills for the teens she mentors. Jordan works with children as young as 5 to as old as 19.


  •       How did you become involved with MSPCC?

I moved to Boston from New Jersey in June to start at MSPCC.  I worked at a residential home for kids and absolutely loved it, so the Therapeutic Mentor role at MSPCC was exciting to me. I plan to get my masters in social work and hopefully be a clinician someday.

  •       What is one success story you’ve had working here?

Right now, I am finishing up with a five year old, Jamie, who struggles with aggressive behaviors. Jamie would often lash out at home and daycare and did not know how to control his anger. He was just starting kindergarten when I began working with him (a big transition in his life) and his mother just had a baby (another big transition). He has done really well learning different coping mechanisms and loves balloon breathing, which is when he blows all his “bad thoughts” into a balloon and then releases them and gets to watch the balloon wiz around the room. Seeing Jamie and working with him while also getting to play with him and make him smile is wonderful and I have seen a lot of growth in him. Since starting school, he went four months without any aggressive incidents!

  •       What is your most child-like quality?

My friends say I always want to play games; I can make anything into a game. Even when I am out to dinner and waiting, I’m always trying to get people to play along!

  •       What do you love most about this job?

I love working with kids, they will say anything. I had a seven year old who I had known for months say to me “I know nothing about you!” and then spent most of the time asking me questions about myself. It was awesome and now he feels like he knows me better and we’re closer – it was that easy.

  •       If you could grant one wish to help MSPCC, what would it be?

We would have access to everywhere for free. I would love to take my kids more places and get them excited about being with me and going out. A lot of kids just don’t feel comfortable in their communities but if they have somewhere to go like a museum or bowling alley it’s easier for them to be excited.

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