Katlyn Wells Ashland Half Marathon

Support Katlyn and MSPCC/Eliot!

Dear Friends and Family,

On Saturday, October 27th, I am going to lace up my sneakers and run the Ashland 5-Miler on behalf of Eliot Community Human Services and MSPCC, to benefit our Children, Youth, and Families division.  As you might know, I have been working for Eliot for 7 years in various roles and I am very passionate about helping others.  Throughout my years here it has always been amazing to me how tirelessly everyone supports the youth, families, and communities that we work with, while always sticking to a very tight budget! This race is a great opportunity for me to help raise money that can go towards helping families in need and continuing to strengthen the communities that we work in every day.  Your donation will help ensure that children, youth, and their families receive the support and services they need to stay safe and to thrive.

Though I have run a variety of races before, it has been a while since I’ve tried anything more than a 5k.  I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to combine something I’ve always done for self care with something that can help raise money for such an important cause!  

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity and support!



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